From fossil fuels to PtL: Understanding sustainable Power-to-Liquid to defossilise aviation

Sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) produced by PtX are ready for take-off. In the coming years, the share of SAF in aviation will increase sharply. However, the impact of the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable ones on the environment and economic considerations is yet largely unknown.

Our PtX.AviationCalculator helps to understand at what cost and environmental impact the transition from fossil to sustainable fuels in aviation is possible by

  • showing the fuel consumption of user-defined flight routes;
  • calculating the effects of PtL usage, such as energy consumption, land use, and water use;
  • demonstrating the dimensions of sustainability effects through comparisons;
  • including user-defined assumptions in the calculations.

Clicking on the question mark symbol starts an introduction to the use of the calculator. For further questions, the documentation is available.

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