Climate Neutral Alternative Fuels

Clean Aviation is necessary

Given Brazil’s commitment to carbon reduction goals, sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) are crucial. Biofuels can only meet a part supply challenges. Electric options such as drones have limited application. Making this sector carbon-neutral requires disruptive technology. 

The consumption of fuel is rising. The annual growth rate in the transport sector is 5%. Brazil’s aviation fuel demand is high, because of its size and regular flight offers to remote towns. Since aviation fuel is being produced in a few refineries, it needs to be flown into remote airports. These logistical challenges increase prices and contribute to climate change.

A new paradigm shift is necessary. A disruptive concept of decentralized and modular production of aviation fuel locally. This reduces emissions from transport and introduces climate-neutral production processes.

Clean aviation is possible. And in niches already economically viable. Decentralized production is key to future clean aviation scenarios.

ProQR promotes a solution: Producing SAF from renewable electricity, COand water from the ambient air. This so called Power-to-liquid (PtL) SAF is produced exactly where it is needed – at the airport. This avoids COemissions from using crude oil. Unlike biofuels, these plants don’t depend on the availability of crops. 

With the construction of each new plant, technology and processes optimize. Small plants offer a rapid learning curve. They also have a high automation potential in comparison to large refineries. Additionally, Brazil’s has a diverse renewable energy potential nationwide. After the first decentralized system is ready, the entire sector can transform. 

ProQR acts in three main areas:

  1. Support the construction of the first demonstration plant and spread results worldwide, 
  2. Advise Brazilian Ministries and Regulatory Institutions to create the framework for PtL SAF, and
  3. Work with universities to create a critical mass of future experts and research in PtL SAF.