PtX Hub in Morocco

Piloting Power-to-Liquid to fuel Morocco's energy transition

Strong renewable energy potential in both wind and solar power make Morocco an ideal country to build a Power-to-Liquid pilot plant. A demonstration unit, to be built in the course of the project, will illustrate the full Power-to-X value chain and allow scientists and engineers from Morocco to become familiar with its technologies, including Direct Air Capture (DAC) for CO2 supply. The goal of this pilot plant is to ease the transition of Power-to-Liquid onto the market, disseminate hands-on Power-to-X knowledge, and create a knock-on effect for future projects.

Morocco’s renewables potential is well-suited for Power-to-X

Morocco offers strong renewable energy potential. According to a Fraunhofer study, Morocco’s renewable energy capacity is enough to fully defossilise its power generation and produce enough Power-to-X fuels and feedstocks for its own industries and for export. Hybrid locations with both wind and solar potential are best-suited for electricity-intensive Power-to-X production.

Promising business cases in the Moroccan fertiliser industry

Initial Power-to-X activities are underway in the private sector in Morocco – particularly in the local fertiliser industry. The plan is to produce enough synthetic ammonia (Power-to-Ammonia) to meet the needs of both the domestic fertiliser industry and to reduce dependence on imports. The fertiliser industry is of great economic importance to Morocco, which is home to almost 80% of the world’s phosphate deposits.

The PtX Hub in Morocco

Building the Power-to-Liquid pilot plant is only a part of the PtX Hub’s work in Morocco. Other activities include:

  • Advising on how to shape regulatory frameworks to drive the ramp up of Power-to-X markets
  • Integrating Power-to-X in energy modelling scenarios and in Morocco’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs = national contributions to reaching the Paris Climate goals)
  • Identifying business cases for off-takers

We strive for sustainability along the entire value chain to ensure long-lasting economic development.

If you are interested in the work of the PtX Hub in Morocco, contact: Matthias Rilling. For background information on Agora Energiewende’s contribution, click here.