To meet the objective of facilitating the creation of the Nationally Determined Contributions required by the Paris Agreement and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals formulated in the 2030 Agenda, the mitigation of carbon emissions by 2050 is a commitment made worldwide. On the way to achieving a net zero policy, knowing about concepts, technologies, initiatives, policies, and research in the area is also fundamental.

In this context, Brazil and Germany are working together to strengthen the decentralized production of green aviation fuel and understand the importance of Brazil in the international challenge of greenhouse gas reduction and sustainable mobility. Thinking of promoting and strengthening the theme in different platforms, the ProQR – Alternative Fuels without Climate Impacts project prepared short films to present, in a dynamic and accessible way, the fundamental concepts for the decarbonization of civil aviation and practical experiences on PtL SAF.

In all, there are four videos that address topics such as the ProQR project’s performance and impacts, challenges and opportunities for the global sustainable fuels market, the decentralized production of SAF, the main sectors involved, and ideal production models. All this with animations explaining the technical processes of SAF production, as well as interviews with key players in the sector.

Get to know ProQR – Climate-neutral Alternative Fuel

Find out what it is and how the project ProQr – Climate-neutral Alternative Fuels came about. Learn more about the global challenge of climate change and how ProQr wants to face it: producing Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) with the Power-to-Liquid (PtL) method, in a decentralized and sustainable way. In this first film, we explain the technological concept of the project and talk about the opportunities of this proposal for Brazil.

ProQR Project – Cooperation towards clean aviation

Who better to talk about ProQR than those who work to implement the goals of our project? Our team and partners in Brazil and Germany share their experiences in the second film of our programme. An opportunity to hear about aviation and alternative fuels from those who understand the subject and cooperate to enable the production and use of SAFs in Brazil and around the world.

ProQR Project – Education and research to decarbonise aviation

We could not leave out one of the most important aspects of the ProQR project’s actions: our joint work with the academia. Brazilian educational and research institutions are the spaces where the future is built. The development of new technologies, the promotion of critical thinking on sustainable development or the training of professionals who will work in this new market. ProQR believes that these are some of the necessary steps for an innovative technology such as the production of SAFs to consolidate and reach new horizons. Therefore, we have invited some of our partners to present a little about this fruitful interaction, which has been continuously increasing the impact of alternative fuels in Brazilian academia.

Animated infographic: Pilot Plant for SA

In this animation we show the operation of a model pilot plant for the production of SAFs. The ProQR project advocates the construction of modular plants, located in remote areas, but close to airports. In this way, they can be easily built, with their stations installed in containers, as well as already providing the fuel directly at their place of consumption, in airports to which the transportation of fuel was previously a challenge. The animation also allows you to briefly visualize the chemical synthesis steps of a sustainable PtL SAF fuel, which uses renewable energy, carbon dioxide and water to produce SAFs. It is worth checking and sharing this new didactic input!

Check out other audiovisual materials produced by the ProQR project on our YouTube channel.

Lucas Freire contributed to this article.

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