To fortify Jordan’s energy sector, the International PtX Hub Jordan, in collaboration with the German Jordanian University (GJU) and Hussein Technical University (HTU) as part of the German Energy Academy (GEA), embarked on a comprehensive training journey this year to shape the future of Jordan’s workforce and energy landscape.

Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing at GJU

In June, GJU educators delved deep into the nuances of green hydrogen technology and Power-to-X (PtX) processes. Facilitated by GJU’s Smart Grid Laboratory Team, the training laid out the core principles of hydrogen production, its applications, and the intricacies of the hydrogen supply chain. This initiative equipped educators with the latest knowledge, ensuring they can guide the next generation effectively.

Hydrogen signifies the future of energy, akin to the excitement of discovering a new fuel source. If we seize this opportunity effectively, it is bound to generate numerous job prospects, much like the early days of fuel discovery.

Dr. Hani Muhsen, Associate Professor at GJU

Nurturing future leaders  – GJU student training

In August university students from diverse engineering disciplines gathered to grasp the foundations of green hydrogen and PtX technologies. This intensive session, led by experts from GJU, explored the existing hydrogen market, production technologies, and the significance of hydrogen derivatives. Through web-based tools and engaging discussions, students honed their understanding, paving the way for a future powered by sustainable energy. The training was designed to empower university students with essential knowledge and skills, as well as propel the expanding PtX sectors in Jordan.

As a student, the training at GJU provided a foundational understanding of green hydrogen. It illuminated the production process, unveiling new horizons in my knowledge.

Mariana Haddadin, Graduate student GJU

Guiding industry experts – HTU professionals training

In October, professionals from the public and private sectors, including chemical engineers, energy experts, and electrical engineers, gathered at HTU for an intensive exploration of green hydrogen technology. The comprehensive training, featuring 19 sessions and insights from industry leaders, blended theoretical knowledge with real-world applications: from site visits to interactive workshops, participants delved into practical applications, enhancing their expertise in the evolving field of hydrogen production and PtX processes. The primary objective was to enhance the technical and professional skills of technicians and engineers in Jordan, preparing them for the dynamic local, regional, and global job markets in the field of green hydrogen and various PtX technologies.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Covering various applications of green hydrogen technology
  • Insights from industry experts representing major companies
  • Exploring practical applications at Caustic-Chlorine Industries and Industrial Complex for cement and fertilizer industries

The site visits proved invaluable, enhancing the overall experience significantly.

Jiries Salameh, Business Developer at Kuwar

The joint efforts with the HTU and GJU have paved the way for a common understanding and shared vision of green hydrogen and PtX and how to make it a reality in Jordan.

The future of Jordan’s energy landscape is rooted in the echoes of every thought-provoking discussion, the spark of every curious mind, and the commitment of every professional.

Nooraldeen Balah, Technical Advisor at the International PtX Hub Jordan
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