Published on June 24, 2020

As the first South-American country to submit its new Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) – or its targets to address emission reductions and adaptation to the impacts of climate change – Chile has set ambitious goals and is striving to achieve its GHG neutrality target for 2050.

In the transport sector, currently responsible for 24% of Chile’s energy emissions, measures centre around increasing electric mobility, encouraging a modal shift from private to public vehicles, and furthering the use of green hydrogen in several sectors. These goals are particularly ambitious.

Reaching the 2-degree pathway with new hydrogen technologies

Chile’s hydrogen goals include:

  • 71% in cargo transportation by 2050
  • 12% in motor use in industry and mining
  • 7% in housing and 2% Industry by 2050

According to experts, these goals could lead to a 21% reduction in Chile’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This would amount to a decrease of about 27 Mt-Co2 through the use of hydrogen and its derivatives.

In order to achieve these climate targets, Chile is investing in the further development of H2 technologies. The country is seeking to advance production systems, new materials, and the optimisation of extraction and storage processes. To boost this development of new renewable energy sources and green hydrogen, the GIZ Project ‘Decarbonization of the Chilean Energy Sector‘ prepared a model that visually explains Chile’s path towards Carbon neutrality.

Futhermore, this expansion of its knowledge base concerning hydrogen technologies serves as the basis for Chile’s promotion of hybrid-powered trucks and the use of hydrogen in fuel cells for smaller machines.

GIZ’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme (4E, El Programa Energías Renovables y Eficiencia Energética) is supporting the Chilean Government on site by providing advice for the improvement of regulatory frameworks and promoting sustainability in the country’s energy sector. Thus, contributing to its green transformation and providing assistance with its climate strategies.

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