Scoping Paper on PtX.Sustainability Dimensions and Concerns

Power-to-X, the conversion of renewable electricity into molecules that can be used as fossil-free fuels and feedstocks in industry and transport, is an indispensable technology for a successful transition towards a climate-neutral, defossilised economy and society. However, this groundbreaking transformation must be a ‘just transition’ that contributes to economic prosperity, social equity and environmental integrity.

Towards a conceptual framework for standards and certification

This scoping paper on PtX sustainability aims to

  • contribute to the international debate on regulatory frameworks for hydrogen and its derivatives (e.g. ammonia, e-jetfuel, etc.)
  • identify the key sustainability dimensions and concerns;
  • outline a comprehensive and coherent framework for sustainability assessments;
  • provide a solid basis for the implementation of sustainability standards and certification schemes.

The proposed conceptual framework for PtX sustainability presented in this paper

  • distinguishes four sustainability dimensions: E-nvironmental, E-conomic, S-ocial and G-overnance;
  • sorts and groups the multitude of sustainability concerns into 16 distinct clusters.
Language(s): English
Format(s): Publication
Author(s): Guilia Varaschin, Heino von Meyer, Jan-Hendrik Scheyl, Johanna Friese, Nadya Rauch
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)
Project(s): PtX Hub
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