Tool: Business Opportunity Analyzer

Countries around the world see green hydrogen and Power-to-X (PtX) as an opportunity to contribute to global defossilisation as well as enhance their socio-economic development. But how can countries identify promising business opportunities within the PtX value chain? The “Business Opportunity Analyzer“ supports policymakers and project developers in understanding their country’s specific PtX cost potentials.

The Excel tool enables users to calculate the trade costs of PtX products (e.g. green ammonia, e-methanol and sythethic fuels). This “pre-feasibility” level information will help policy makers and project developers identify regions with promising business opportunities within the PtX value chain, supporting the development of targeted policies to stimulate investment.

The tool also covers comprehensive information on PtX policies and targets of major import markets as well as on certification schemes and sustainability aspects.

The “Business Opportunity Analyzer” has a global scope covering most countries, including a deep dive analysis for Argentina, Morocco and South Africa.

Language(s): English
Format(s): Tool
Contributor(s): Agora Energiewende, Öko-Institut
Country(s): Argentina, Morocco, South Africa
Project(s): PtX Hub