On 11 March 2024, Morocco’s Prime Minister Aziz Akhennouch issued a note aimed at implementing the “Morocco Offer” for the development of green hydrogen. The “Morocco Offer” is a strategy document for investors and consortia planning to develop projects to produce green hydrogen including derivatives for the Moroccan market and for exports.

The document sets out the 6 pillars of the government’s strategy:

  1. Scope of application of the “Morocco Offer”
  2. Land mobilised (up to 1 million hectares)
  3. Necessary infrastructure for the development of the green hydrogen sector
  4. Incentive measures of the Morocco Offer (tax relief and customs exemptions)
  5. Process of selecting the investors and contracting with the State
  6. Governance of the green hydrogen sector

The Ministry of Investment, Convergence and Evaluation of Public Policies (MICEPP) will be entrusted with the role of managing the ‘Green Hydrogen Investment Committee’, whose tasks include, in particular, proposing investors and monitoring the concrete progress of projects. The Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (Masen) has been assigned the role of focal point for large-scale project developers, guiding private companies through the process and supporting them in accessing land.

The note implementing the ‘Morocco Offer’ in the field of green hydrogen consolidates Morocco’s firm commitment to the use of renewable energies for hydrogen production. The reservation of vast tracts of land for the development of renewable energy projects and the government’s support for a sector regarded as strategic, as well as the incentives planned to promote its growth, are arguments that should arouse the interest of companies in the sector due to existing potential opportunities, and especially for European companies given their geographical proximity and the potential of interconnection via pipeline.

The “Offre Maroc” is published here: https://www.mem.gov.ma/Pages/actualite.aspx?act=460

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