To dive deep into the innovations and technological advancements in sustainable fuel production in Southern Chile, the Chilean PtX Hub team recently visited the Liquid e-Fuels Analysis Laboratory located in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region.

Highly Innovative Fuels (HIF) Chile, the University of Magallanes (UMAG), and Gasco GLP jointly developed the laboratory with an investment of approximately US$1 million. Its facilities comprise an advanced quality control centre for the carbon-neutral fuels of the “Haru Oni” demonstrative plant and a base for research, development, and innovation activities related to the plant’s products.

An experienced technical team specialised in the analysis and development of fossil fuels works in the facility. The laboratory also aims to benefit the academic and professional community by fostering training for professionals and academics of the region.

During the visit, the HIF Chile laboratory director, Heriberto Ojeda, explained the foundational principles and long-term objectives that govern the institution’s operation and functioning. He noted:

Today, six people work in our laboratory, all from Magallanes and graduates of UMAG. This proves that the necessary conditions exist at a local level to support this industry, and we must undoubtedly continue working to have the human capital that can drive it into the future. Punta Arenas has a long tradition in fuel management, and today, the energy transition offers us a new opportunity to develop new job profiles, where this experience will be crucial.

Heriberto Ojeda, HIF Chile laboratory director

The Liquid e-Fuels Analysis Laboratory showcases the opportunity of Southern Chile to advance the scientific exploration of carbon-neutral fuels. It is forging ahead towards developing the skills and talents required for producing e-fuels in the region.

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