Since 2019 the International PtX Hub offers trainings and workshops for decision-makers on green hydrogen and Power-to-X. The goal is to train and connect a critical mass of people who are enthusiastic about renewable PtX and can accelerate the uptake of PtX production, usage, and trade in their countries.

We are convinced that humankind can maintain and expand its prosperity without fossil fuels. PtX can be one – of many – building blocks of this new, climate-neutral world.

Copyright by the International PtX Hub. Inspired by nova Institute (2020): nova-paper #12 on Renewable Carbon 2020-09

Our Renewable Power-to-X Basic Training provides a comprehensive overview of the entire value chain of PtX. It follows a holistic approach to sustainability aspects of the PtX Hub’s  Environmental, Economic, Social and Governance Framework (EESG).

Exemplary topics include raw material sourcing, electrolysers, water access, renewable energy and carbon supply, all necessary for the production of PtX products such as green ammonia and methanol. The training also sheds light on use cases for different industries and sectors, governance, and economic aspects.

Additionally, in various add-on and target group-specific modules, participants learn to discuss and assess potential application cases of renewable PtX products in their countries. We currently offer deep dives into PtX Project Finance, PtX Sustainability Considerations and PtX Certification, among other topics.

To multiply our impact and training offers, especially towards more countries, the PtX Hub offers tailor-made Train-of-Trainers programmes. Energy professionals study the content and didactical practices to conduct the Basic Power-to-X Training themselves as well as adapt the training to the specific needs of their target groups. After successfully completing this programme, our trainers become part of a Global PtX Trainer Network, regularly exchanging on relevant PtX developments. Thus, they are versed to set the agenda for the future of the global energy transition built with Renewable PtX.

For learners who are interested in a self-guided and self-paced training, we recommend a look at our collection of e-learning resources in the PtX.e-Academy. The PtX Hub’s web-based training will be available from mid-2023 onwards.

The trainings are organised in selected countries.