PtX.Sustainability Dimensions and Concerns (Scoping Paper)

Towards a conceptual framework for standards and certification

Power-to-X, the conversion of renewable electricity into molecules that can be used as fossil-free fuels and feedstocks in industry and transport, is an indispensable technology for a successful transition towards a climate-neutral, defossilised economy and society. However, this groundbreaking transformation must be a ‘just transition’ that contributes to economic prosperity, social equity and environmental integrity.

Commissioned by the German Federal Government, a core component of the PtX Hub’s mission is to ensure that this process of transformative innovation contributes to the sustainable development of countries and communities, including in particular developing and emerging economies.

This scoping paper on PtX sustainability aims to

  • contribute to the international debate on regulatory frameworks for hydrogen and its derivatives (e.g. ammonia, e-jetfuel, etc.)
  • identify the key sustainability dimensions and concerns;
  • outline a comprehensive and coherent framework for sustainability assessments;
  • provide a solid basis for the implementation of sustainability standards and certification schemes.

The proposed conceptual framework for PtX sustainability presented in this paper

  • distinguishes four sustainability dimensions: E-nvironmental, E-conomic, S-ocial and G-overnance;
  • sorts and groups the multitude of sustainability concerns into 16 distinct clusters.

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