The Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy  is committed to improving the framework conditions for PtX and integrating PtX into its climate strategies. As part of this effort, Elizabeth Ipangelwa and Eva-Liisa Nailenge organised this training on the Ministry’s behalf. Enabled by the International PtX Hub, and conducted by the Professor Samual John, the training  focused on analysing the Namibian Legal Framework and the European Union Delegated Act.

The main objective of this event, hosted by Tuliikeni Ndadi, was to provide a technical and policy understanding of Green Hydrogen, and to offer a global overview of Green Hydrogen policies, the Delegated Act, or international and national legislation. The target group of this training were those Members of the Parliament who are part of the Natural Resources Committee. They attended the training as part of their crucial role in implementing any potential legislation related to Green Hydrogen.

Legal experts from the Environment Lawyers Network of Namibia also joined this instruction providing an overall overview of the legal framework and potential gaps to be considered.

The International PtX Hub aims to enable informed decision-making on the promotion of PtX for climate protection and economic development. Through initiatives like this Parliamentary Public Engagement, we are working towards promoting sustainable PtX and hydrogen production worldwide, and improving the global framework conditions for PtX. You can find more information about the International PtX Hub’s work in Namibia here.

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