On May 18, 2022, the PtX Hub launched its PtX.Sustainability Dimensions and Concerns Scoping Paper at the Green Hydrogen Global Assembly and Exhibition in Barcelona.

Achieving climate neutrality and the energy transition, including the development of PtX, should not be pursued in isolation. Instead, they must be in tune with mitigating other global development challenges such as biodiversity loss, (energy) poverty, human and labour rights, and growing inequalities. To kickstart the discussion on truly sustainable PtX with all its facets, the PtX Hub has drawn up an EESG Framework for PtX. It encompasses four basic dimensions: Environmental, Economic, Social and Governance. For each of these dimensions, a multitude of sustainability concerns are relevant. At the launch event, the different dimensions and identified concerns of the EESG Framework were discussed. Representatives from the Sustainable Hydrogen Club and Adani Group shared their views on the need to think PtX sustainability comprehensively and how to ensure sustainability dimensions are considered in the global ramp-up of PtX

Heino von Meyer, Senior Consultant at the PtX Hub, presented the EESG Framework to kickstart the discussion on the sustainability of PtX. A panel discussion followed, to which we welcomed the following speakers:

  • Gavin Hayman is Executive Director of the Open Contracting Partnership
  • Sanmit Ahuja, an impact specialist and a board member of CGanga (India)
  • Dr. Arun Sharma, Advisor to the Chairman and Sustainability Lead at Adani Group
  • Nienke Homan, President at Sustainable Hydrogen Club

Watch the recording:

Read the full scoping paper here: https://ptx-hub.org/ptx-sustainability/

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