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Power-to-X (PtX) stands for processes that use electricity to make almost any product traditionally based on fossil fuels. When the electricity is derived from renewables, PtX can provide all of today’s modern amenities without harming the ecosystem. The technology is especially useful for applications that cannot directly use renewable electricity.

Together with partners from around the world, we aim to catalyse a global breakthrough in the adoption of sustainably produced synthetic fuels and chemicals. We strongly believe that PtX has the potential to defossilise high-emission industries while liberating countries from their reliance on fossil fuels.

Let’s create a carbon-neutral future today with sustainable fuels and chemicals produced with renewable electricity.

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The PtX Hub’s First Training in Asia: Discussing Vietnam’s Potential for PtX in Hanoi

Green hydrogen is still a relatively new topic in Vietnam, yet it is expected to play a pivotal role in the development of its green energy sector. This is an explicit goal of the Resolution 55 of the Politburo
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Sustainably sourcing CO2 for Power-to-X

Power-to-X (PtX) technologies have the potential to play a crucial role in defossilising industries and meeting the climate goals. However, to ensure that PtX fuels and feedstocks are truly sustainable, it is
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How is Sustainable Aviation Fuel produced? – Conversion processes explained

Aviation is the most climate-damaging mode of transportation. However, travelling distances exceeding 1500 km, for which flying is in most cases the only means of transportation, represent 80%
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Costa Rica’s Green Hydrogen Potential – Networking among national experts during the Green Hydrogen & PtX Training

On the third day of the training on Green Hydrogen & PtX in Costa Rica on the 20th May 2021, the participants got the chance to take a deep dive into the current situation regarding green hydrogen and
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At the right time - Training in Green Hydrogen and PtX in Brazil

From the 16th to 18th of June 2021, the International PtX Hub Berlin held its second Green Hydrogen and PtX Training in Brazil. Members of the Energy Research Institute (EPE), the Ministry of Science,
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How to produce sustainable Power-to-X fuels to defossilise transport – Recap on the second Hydrogen Hour session at the Transport & Climate Change Week 2021

How can the sustainability of Power-to-X fuels for transport be guaranteed? Moderator Heino von Meyer discussed sustainability considerations of Power-to-X
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Our Mission

We support sustainable business and development opportunities all over the world by

promoting the sustainable production of fuels and chemicals via PtX

facilitating the climate-effective allocation of PtX products across sectors

building international networks and partnerships

broadening and sharing knowledge

tapping country and market potentials

encouraging societal support for PtX

We aim to facilitate the creation of the Nationally Determined Contributions required by the Paris Agreement and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals formulated in Agenda 2030.